USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 18-20 June, 2013

Driving to Las Vegas today.

Putting on some real miles...

103 to go.

Buffet Time.... Almost.

Great desert scenery. Love watching tornado alley turn into desert as you head west.

Back in Nevada.

Las Vegas.

Back at the storage location.

Does it open?

Yes it does.... Remove the bag for the EMS kit.



Everything OUT!

All clean...

Wow... 77,742 miles..   On its 3rd season.

In it goes.

Time to disconnect the battery.

Spanner placed on the right (this time).... rather than hidden on the back seat somewhere (lesson learnt)

Locked up.


Driving to Los Angeles.

Welcome back to California.

It's a pretty quick trip.

Ummm... ok... not that quick.

LA Freeways....... I would rather be stuck in an EF3 tornado.

Nearly there.

Time to head home....

About to take off.

Goodbye USA, until next year.

Sleep time.

Awake (after 3 movies)

Nearly there.


Home! - What a trip.....