USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 30 May, 2013

It's going to be a tricky chase day today.

First target storm.

It's a bit of a mess.

Making my way to find a storm.

It was a very long drive to get into position.

First interesting storm thus far.

It's going from inflow dominant to outflow dominant.

It doesn't know what to do.

Watching it carefully.

This could go tornadic very quickly.

Chasing with a friend "Chris Collura" from Florida today.


Still watching.

Local chasers.

Love it when sunshine lights up the foreground.

Doppler on wheels setup.

These storms were dying, new cells formed to my north.

I'm heading towards Tulsa, Oklahoma. Feel like a tornado may form near the city.

Funnels trying to form.

This is right over the city of Tulsa.

No tornado warning yet.

Need to watch it carefully.

At a construction site.

Passing over me.

Need to get south east of this storm.

Dangerous and tricky chasing through the city.

Wall cloud.

So close to producing a tornado.

A funnel was reported.. Can't see one.

Almost there.


Updraft has shifted to my east.

New storm target.

Dangerous situation.

Emergency crews passing by.

Watching this to my direct north.

Tornado to my east.

It took out parts of a school and a home.

School principal assessing the damage to a newly constructed building.

Windows blown out.

Gates thrown around.

Trees and power poles down.

Power lines down.

This driver was blown off the road.

Very little warning on this Tornado.

Warning was issued at the last minute.

This tree is shredded.

Utility crews working on the gas main.

House got hit rather hard.

Car windows blown in.

Parts of the roof ripped off.

Local Sheriff assessing the damage.