USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 24 May, 2013

The sign says it all..   Back into Colorado.


More clouds.


Bigger storm.

Storm chasers.

More storm chasers.

A lot more storm chasers.



Not a lot happened..  However a strong storm has initiated.

Driving into the core.

No rotation present.

Hail core arriving.

Still small.

Getting larger.

Great lighting.

Rainbow in the hail core.

Going hail hunting.

All I need now is to clean it and pop it into a drink.

This one may not fit in the glass though. 2 inches in size.

Big stone..

Nice hail drop.

A few more dents on the car of course.

No idea where the dents are...  so many as it is.

Storm is organising.

Interesting shape.


This looks interesting.

All I need is a little lightning.

There you go.

Very nice.

Storm is starting to rotate.

It may even go tornado warned.

Tornado warned

Tried to produce a funnel. Almost got there, but not quite.  I am the only spotter/chaser watching it. it's nearly midnight.