USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 19 May, 2013

Forecast to be a big day.

So many targets to choose from.


Tornado on the ground.

Hard to see from this location.

Storms are lining up, one after another.

So many targets to choose from.

Outflow dominant storm.

Heading to the tail end cell.. Funnel is being produced.

This is not tornado warned yet..

Report has been submitted.  Warning updated.

Very long rope tornado.

Being very careful on approach.

Tiny funnel.

Heading south. Major activity down near Shawnee, OK.

Two hours later, I'm in position.

Funnel being produced.

Tornado warned but not confirmed.

It is now.

Tornado on the ground.

Tricky location.

Two areas of rotation.  Backing off..

Waiting with the police on this one.

Found Reed Timmer...

Tough day of forecasting and chasing.  So many targets to choose from, and so much activity.

Having dinner with some friends.. Cloud 9 Tours.