USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 18 May, 2013

I think this is going to be a busy day.

Driving along with Carl Young and Paul Samaras up ahead..
(They both passed away on a storm chase on 31st May with Tim Samaras) - Upsetting seeing this photo.
Chatted with them at the traffic light in the town ahead. A terrible loss to the scientific community.

Storms are firing up.

Which target to pick?

This looks ok.

I have spotted some friends.

Wall cloud.

Scott McPartland, looking happy

Other friends from Florida and Canada.

Wall cloud still there.

Thinking a tornado is going to form at any moment.

Not yet.

Moving north.

Testing the hail core.

2" + hail in here.

1.75" measured.

Big hail core.


Decide to leave the big storm up north, and track down to this storm.

Have a feeling something is going to happen.

Feeling was correct.


Approaching slowly.. Need to get a track on this.

EF4 Rated.

Amazing sight.

Getting closer slowly.


Looking at the wall cloud and tornado.


Watching it pass over the roadway.

Still on the ground.

Tracking it to the west of Rozel, Kansas.

Still on the ground.

Roping out.


Roping out.


Drove east and this appeared out of nowhere.

Elephant trunk tornado.

White in colour.

Amazing to watch.. Over farmland.

Sheriff protecting people.

Watching on.

Mammatus, tornado and sunset.



Long rope tornado attached to the back of the mesocyclone.

Same sort of dynamics as the Philip, South Dakota tornado in 2011.

Amazing rope out.

All done.

Lightning, and night rainbow.

A few shots as I drive to my accommodation.