USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 7 May, 2013

The start of the day...

Storms have commenced.

Found my target storm (I think)

Oh no!!!!!   noooooooooooooooooooo.......

Stay Calm... Breathe.......



Oh no!

The road looked good..  It looked so good!

Evil road...  Evil !!!!!

Ok..  I'm stuck.

4WD will not save you here.

Nothing will save..........  Oh..  Well hello?

Kansas Legend!


Thank you.... Thank you.... Thank you!!!!

Deceptive eh?

Where is the tyre?

$30.00 well spent.

Back to storm chasing.


Still raining..

Time to find another storm.

oh..  This is not a storm..  It's a non-deadly Bull Snake.

This photo was NOT done with the wide angle. Telephoto seemed more appropriate here.

Storm still going...  worried about that snake creeping up on me.

It has one hell of a bite.. just not deadly.

This is looking nicer.


Something is happening to this storm.

The storm I was going to target..

But, I'm growing kind of attached to this one..

This is just getting better and better.

What is this thing going to do next?

Independence day (Watch the movie)

Looks like the world is going to end.

This thing is moving at 3-4km/h

It just sits there and rotates.


Never seen anything quite like it.

Another storm heading this way.

My storm still there.

Hail core.. 1.5"

Storm is picking up speed.



45 mins later..  The supercell becomes striated.  (Pancaked)

Amazing show.

Aliens are arriving in town tonight.

Imagine seeing this in Sydney, Australia.

People would seriously run for the hills.

No tornado warning. Just lots of rain and lightning.

I'll take this over a tornado any day.


What a storm.

Was not expecting anything significant at all.