USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 3 May, 2013

Do not enter..

Oh.. I found the public entrance.

The very large array in New Mexico.

Ok...  Ummmm..  Let me park the car and spend 10 minutes working out what I need to turn off.
Better yet..  Let's just unplug the fuses from the power circuits.

This is what the antenna receiving modules look like.

An amazing sight.

Whilst you are there they move around rather quickly.

Playing with the sun/lighting.

Searching the skies.

You can just sit here and watch these things scan the skies.

Under repair.

This really is an amazing place.

I sat here for an hour wondering what on earth (or out of earth) these things are searching for.

An amazing place to visit.

Headed to Springerville in Arizona, wondering why there was a heap of smoke in the distance.

Turns out all the local fire crews were doing training.

Managed to take some nice photos of their hard work.

It was an interesting end to the evening.

Someone forgot to bring marshmallows.