USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 27 April, 2013

This is what you need to expect in Arkansas & Mississippi..  Trees.... And lots of them.


This storm cell fired up just to the east of Little Rock.

Had rather decent inflow winds.

Not a funnel..  Just a feature of the storm.

1.5" hail falling.

Blue/Green rain core = hail.

Storm is mainly outflow dominant at the moment.

Nice colours.

Waiting for the hail core to arrive.

Amazing definition.

Looking back.

Only a few hail stones fell on the car, was able to find a good east road option.

Scary looking.


There is now a tornado warning on this storm.

With the two local sheriffs spotting for tornadoes. Couldn't confirm if this was a funnel near the bolt of lightning.

Storm is picking up speed.

This is night spotting 101. Wait for the lightning.