USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 24 April, 2013

What could I possibly do to keep myself occupied during yet during another cold front event?


I know...  Finish off the car modifications/additions.

Let's find the existing wiring...

Forgot to feed the 3rd power feed into the front.

This will be our project for today.. Simple?  No!

Take everything out of the car...

Solder on the Anderson Power Poles.. (Red = +12V, Black = Ground, White = Sync)

That's one installed.

This is how you mount them...  ABS Tempered plastic with predrilled holes for the screws.
Had to complete my Sydney car to work out how to do it properly for the US Rav4.


Not quite...  Still lots of wiring to do.

Hmmm...  Where does this go?

Tested it first.. It works.

Ok...  This can be improved.

Looks cleanly done, but it can be a whole lot better.

One of the switches fails randomly and it is soldered on..  Need to have it hot swappable for in-field repair.

Making up the custom power distribution cable.

There!... Simple!

I really hope this works...  BANG!

I blew the fuse..  Kind of forgot what goes where..

But..  got it going..

Much neater, field repairable and the two Tomar Rect14 Ambers installed...  Pattern is set to slow 75/Cycle.