USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 19 April, 2013

Looked at the map this morning... I was too close to not visit.

So many low lying properties.

Freeway is above sea level.

Hope this freeway does not collapse.

Entering New Orleans.

Have not been here since 2006

The superdome.. This place still seems creepy. (Refer to 2006 gallery)

City hall repaired.

The French Quarter.

Busy place.

Another obligatory photo of the Rav4 in yet another interesting location. This time in Bourbon St.

Slowly does it.

Entering the lower 9th Ward.

This happened in 2005.

Some of the search and rescue markings wearing away.

Some abandoned.

The failed levy.

Some rotting away.

Some rebuilding.

Some re-built.

Walking along the levy.

So much damage.

Plants taking over the house.

Danger of collapse.

Hopefully this neighbourhood will be restored soon..  It was quite some time ago since Hurricane Katrina.