USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 18 April, 2013

Time to head east again...

I'm pretty sure this is another storm chaser. They tend to stick out a bit.

Need to drive through this stuff to get to the target.

TORNADO?.....   Nup. (Easy to think it is?) Just a scary looking cloud.

More rain.

Do I go left or right?...  the back roads of Arkansas.

Crossing the Mississippi river.

The Mississippi River.

Welcome back.

A severe storm that has a chance of producing a tornado.

Fairly strong inflow winds going into this storm.

Lightning struck just prior to me arriving here.

Hail & Rain core.

Storm heading over quickly.

No funnels...

Moving to the next storm to my south.

Tornado warned storm.


Watching this with the local Sheriff.

Tornado threat has dissipated..  Back to the patrol car.

Driving to the next storm.. (Need to get through the remnants of this one first)


Still raining...

Road flooded..

More flooding..