USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 8 April, 2013

Managed to find an external antenna adapter for the upgraded data card..  Easy to find online, hard in the field.

Still don't wish to see what an accident looks like if you happen to drive under one of these.

Streaming is working.

Equipment being setup..  Suction cup re-attached,

A cloud...  (okay..... I saw one... I can go home now)

Jokes aside... The chase is on.

Nice strong updraft.

Need to get near the updraft.

Entering the storm.

Turbines are spinning.

Underneath the anvil.

Other storm chasers.. (Everywhere)

Free Parking.


The Weather Channel "Tornado Hunt" team.

Welcome to Kansas.

Unobstructed views. (We are still technically in Colorado though)

Dirt road.... hmmm... I don't think so.


More hail.

Just under 1.5"

A little further down the road.. Just under 2" (These make a nice thump when they hit your car)


TIV driving...

Just as the day ends one of the storms re-builds and within 10 minutes becomes tornado warned.

Looking for funnels... Out of all the storm chasers out here today..
Only two people (including me) were able to view this storm and report a tornado..

A few things looked like funnels, but nothing we could confirm. Very scary at night on dirt roads out here.

The storm cell turned into rather nice striated supercell. Quite photogenic

Lots of lightning coming out of the anvil.