USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 20 June, 2012

Car has been washed and vacuumed.

This little car certainly has done some driving.

Transferring the luggage from one car to another.

It looks pretty bare in here now.

Leaving the electrical wiring in place of course.


Disconnecting the battery.

She's parked and secure. Great little car.

Locking it up.

All safe and secure... be back in 9 months to open it up.

Time for food.

Ok, now that I have eaten yet more food, I am heading to Los Angeles for one more night before the flight home.

A great run from LV to LA

Back in California.

It's a nice drive when the traffic is light.

Dust is blowing across the desert.

Sun has set.

Now in Los Angeles. Hire car to be returned tomorrow.

All packed, well rested and heading home.

Umm.... A bit of luggage here.

Trip is almost over.

So exhausted after the last 2 and a half months, I watched one movie and was off to sleep.

Almost home.



Welcome back.