USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 13 June, 2012

A little damage from the hail core yesterday...

Actually, the windscreen smashed in 7 places.

That's what happens when you sit in a 3" hail core.

Even the hail guard got dented, this saved my windscreen from collapsing into my lap.

A few more dents.

The hail even tore off the molding from my side mirror (I will find this later)

More dents.

CSI Side mirror.

I heard something smash during the storm, and did a U turn so I could later log the GPS position.

After some careful GPS logging playback, I find the missing piece.

It's cracked though.

Nothing a bit of tape can't fix.


Some more of the cracks in the windscreen.

GPS Logging worked.

For those who are wondering where I am....

Off to the next storm, not expecting much.

Met up with my friends from Cloud 9 tours.

Found a place to wait..

George found this Chicken hat somewhere, He has taken to it like a duck to water.. (or should I say Chicken to water?)

George and Charles are sabotaging the car. (George has taken my camera)

Nice work Charles.

I want my camera back.


Bored... No storms.... But we still have freight trains.

It's coming.

Not much clearance.


A few coins one of the other tour operators left on the tracks.

It survived.

Storm of the day...

Nothing happened. Heading to Oklahoma for tomorrow.