USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 12 June, 2012

Not expecting much today. Except this is another state for this trip.

Storms firing up.

Moving into position.

Where is this you ask?  I can't honestly remember.

A rainbow (half of it)


Hail core in there.


Not very big.

Now is a great time for a Diet Coke and ice.

Only 1"

Tiny hail.

Watched this for a while, it was a developing wall cloud, never really quite got there.

I wonder where this road will take me?


It is watching me.

Decent storm core in there.

More cows.



Filming the rainbow.


The gravel road magically became a dirt road.

This is NOT good.

Here we go again!!!


It doesn't look that evil, but this stuff is like quicksand.


I can barely even stand up in it.


Oh great... here comes the mud!

The storm in the distance..

After much waiting and reversing, the 4WD got me out.

After of course MUCH work.

Oops.. forgot to close the window.

Hmmm...  I'll clean this later.

MUCH later.

Not free yet...  Need to get through this first.

Ok.... I'm ready to leave.

PLEASE set me free, please!!!!


The farmer actually called his son to come and help me, but their smaller 4WD had to be driven over.

Thank you!!!

No Australian has been down this road.... ever!

Thanks Sean!!!

This is NO road.

This is a private road the farmer helped me through, it was not even on the GPS.

Climbing the mountain.

Looking back to where I got stuck.

Wind Farm

This will need some cleaning.

Yep, so will these.

I left the shoes on the roof to dry out.

Nice sunset.

Looking back at the supercell.

The colours are incredible.



This was processed a little in photoshop.

Wide angle shot.


What a storm!

My beloved car.

Storm is now tornado warned.

Moving into position.

BIG hail in this one.

3.5" hail in the core.

A nice large picture to really put you in the storm core.

Moving around the back of the storm. 



VERY active with lightning.

Had to re-position for safety.

Storm is slowly dying out.

This is the same storm from 6 hours ago..  It's still going strong.

Tornado warning about to be dropped.

Tornado warning is no longer active.

It produced a very small funnel, but no tornado.

It did drop some rather large hail though.

Fuel is running low.

Almost time to give up on the storm.

One last photo. Storm is still active at 10.45pm and still severe warned.

Really need to get fuel, this is why I carry a spare 1 gallon tank.

They work, and I am refueling, what a day!