USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 9 June, 2012

A long drive ahead in Montana.

Photo galleries can really speed up the 2 hour drive to North Dakota.

Never seen this area during daytime.

Quite scenic.

Where am I?

I wonder how many Australian's have been on this road?

Entering one of the small towns... Need fuel.

Tried this pump, and failed. (Another one up the road)


Forecasts and models are all pointing activity just north of the Border in Canada.

This is going to be interesting.

Have never been in Manitoba before.

Leaving the US.

Entering Canada... (Please let me in)

Welcome to Manitoba!

First time here. Only counts if your feet touch the ground.

No more data or phone coverage from my US carriers.. Switching to roaming, and my two sat providers.

Of course, I did not realise most people in Manitoba speak French.

Storms are firing up.

Old house.

Got my CAD cash out from my 2007 trip.

They actually speak English as well, so hopefully there will not be much confusion.

Other storm chasers from the US.

Watching the data usage ROAMING.... very carefully.
This is when a windows update could actually cost you $12,000 in data.


They have gravel roads up here as well.

Getting to the storms.

Funnel?  no.

Decent hail core though.

These storms are tornado warned (in French and English)

Sun is setting.

It was a very late storm initation.

Made chasing very hard.

Moving to another cell near the border.

Nice sunset though.

More hail.

Losing light.

Wall cloud trying to form.

Wall cloud developing on another cell on the border.

Wall cloud formed.

No light and very little radar data made it a VERY difficult chase.  Time to check out duty free.

Re-entering the US along with other chasers.

Welcome back to the US.