USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 4 June, 2012

Another marginal setup today.

I think I will test the core.

Is there much hail in here.

Yep.  max 1"

Cows seem unhappy.

This was really just meant to be a travel day... I was not expecting any storms.

I hit a LARGE bird of some kind and it smashed my side mirror backwards.

I see a small storm.

Not a lot happening here.

It did look interesting for a while.

But, I discover, part of my mirror is missing.

Cost to replace mirror = $450

After nearly an hour of crash investigation, physics, wind dynamics and re-creation, I manage to find the front section of the mirror.

I credit all the hours I spent watching crash investigations to help me find my mirror..
I really had no chance without using accident investigation.

I re-attach the front section of the mirror.

The mirror is broken though..  Now, is that 7 years bad luck for me, or the dead brid.

Oh.. and I found the bird.. The poor thing did not look very happy.