USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 28 May, 2012

Storms are starting.

Need to get into position to intercept.

Hail core is present.

Looking directly up into the updraft.

I was not expecting any storm activity where I was today.

Looks nice.

This is a supercell.

Mammatus Clouds.

Oil pumping station used as a foreground.

More Mammatus clouds.

Mammatus are amazing to see.

Looking at a distant storm.

Sun it setting, and the updraft is rotating.

Nice sunset.

I see a rainbow.

About to enter the storm core.

1" hail in these storms, possibly larger.

Looks scary, but really it's not.

See..  nothing to it.

After I finished running around in the core, I took a shot of the structure from the western side of the storm.

Looked quite nice.

More lightning firing out of the storm.