USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 27 May, 2012

Waiting for the storms to fire up. Found this nice old barn to use as a foreground for the live stream.

Hail is falling.

Not a lot at this time.

Moving into position.

Looks a little messy.

More rain to navigate through.

In position to watch.

Hail core. up to 1" in size.

It makes a clang type sound when it hits the hail guard.

This was 3/4 of a inch after melting.

No more hail.

Looks like a funnel, but it is not.

Dark skies.

Nice hail core.

A little lowering, but nothing of any great interest.

Still, it looks nice.

Storm cells are combining and re-organising.

Now this is looking a little more interesting.

Not a wall cloud.

But at least I have found the updraft base.

Something to watch.

Yet another dirt road.

Losing light.

Nice angle.

Watching the squall line come through.

This looked great.

Scary looking, but only real risk here is lightning and high winds.

Oh, and low visibility when driving.

Great colours.


Looking back.

The new side lights work great for this position.

Chase is almost over.


Head into the township of Columbus, NE and find flash flooding.

Cars are being submerged.

Not a wise idea.