USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 24 May, 2012

Got up really early..  10% tornado risk for Wisconsin.

I'm in the first series of storm (11 hours later)

Exiting the first storm core.

These storms will intensify.

Here they come.

Only severe warned.

Mainly outflow, with the occasional embedded supercell.

Very fast moving, 45kts

Nothing of interest here.

Very difficult chase country in this neck of the woods. (Eastern Minnesota)

Looks nice.

Shelf cloud.

This can change though.

Nice shot.

This storm is taking on inflow every now and then.

But it turns into outflow once more.

Makes for nice photos.

Funnel? - No....

Lots of high winds and rain with this cell.

It's headed straight for me.

Heading into Wisconsin.

Still no funnel.

Looks scary, but harmless (except for the high winds and lightning)

Chase is over...