USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 8 May, 2012

Ok... Here we go again.

When there are no storms I find comfort in adding things or re-wiring the car.

I wonder if this fits here?

How about here?  (hmmmm..  no.... hail will destroy it)

Ok.. it works... that's good.

Decision has been made.

Oh...  it might be too late to change my mind now..

Cleaning up the hole.

It fits!


Perfect install

Ok, time for the next side.

I don't think it would be wise to drive the car at this moment in time.

Found a firewall to put the wires through.

Soldering time.

Nice work..  Anderson Powerpoles attached.
RED = +12V / BLACK = Ground / White = Pattern Changer / Green = Sync

Everything has to come out to do this next job.

And I mean everything.

Got the wires through the car and in place.

Running them around the drivers area.

I found a place for the switch.

The lights work!!!

Next Day... Replace the windscreen.... . Again.

Ummmm... Yeah... No Windscreen. But it did give me an opportunity to hide the wires that go to the front dashboard.

New Windscreen.. Let's see how long this lasts.

Ok.. We have been here before...

Marking out the switch position.

Be careful NOT to drill into your finger.

Not quite there yet.


Soldering the power cables.

Aries Grill has been installed, this is great protection from Deer and hail for the headlights.

Now to do the front lights.

That's one side done.

Re-wiring the engine bay.

More cables going in, so I'm grouping the wiring in protective tubing.

Find the black wire.

Ok, got them all.

Terminals attached.

This was hell, had to get the feed wire through the front firewall.

Ok, got it.

Time to put the power and sync splits in place.


Hiding them away.

3rd Switch being installed.

Ummm...  okay....

Yep.. I have no idea what's going on here.

But it works!