USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 6 May, 2012

Welcome to Iowa.  That's another state travelled for 2012

The back roads of Iowa.

Welcome to Missouri, yet another state for 2012

Found a storm.

Storm is actually tornado warned.

Heading to the southern side of the storm.

Hails being produced, max size of 1 inch.

A heap of rain falling.

Cells were only moving at 8kph.

That's very slow for a storm.

Tornado on the ground on another cell in Kansas, I'm in Missouri, but it can still be seen.

Same photo as above, but zoomed in.  (can you spot the tornado ?) hard to spot eh?

Heading to the storm that just produced the tornado.

A lowering, but no wall cloud.

Storm is outflow dominant, no longer any threat of a tornado, but it's still not moving fast.

Flash flood warning on the town to the north, I may just have a look.

Yep..  Lots of rain falling, some hail as well.

The TIV passes by.

Heading into the storm core.

Water on road.

Road flooded.

Looking at another storm behind this storm.

Storms are dying out, found an oil pumping station as a foreground. (these are creepy)

Oh, and this is in Kansas. That's 4 states in one day. (I started in Nebraska)

Storm chase is over for the moment, no more storms expected for at least a week or more.