USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 3 May, 2012

Examining the damage from yesterday's chase.

More hail dents.

Wow, even a bent antenna! Damn! that must have been a big stone.

Searching for storms.

Crossed into Kansas and Nebraska again to find them.

Waiting for something to happen.. looking at the side hail dents during this time.

We have a target just over an hour away.

Can I drive under it?.... probably not.

Back in Nebraska.

Getting there.

Watch the sun set behind a dying storm cell.

That's our target.

Nice updraft.

Great colours.

Magnificent to watch.

This was the place to storm.

But, I drive a little closer to see the storm base.

Trying to get the entire structure in shot.. Perhaps I should use my 16-35mm lens.

Sun is setting.

Updraft and storm is dying.

Amazing to watch it disappear.

Didn't take long.

Remove the energy and it stops producing very quickly.

Amazing colours from the sunset.


Reed Timmer and crew passing by.

Video time-lapse of the storm dissipating.