USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 29 April, 2012

Back into Oklahoma.

Driving the back scenic roads.

The first storm of the day worth monitoring.

My Target.

A lowering at the base of the storm.

More interesting features were happening on a storm cell near Perry, OK.

Getting into position to monitor the activity.

Looking quite turbulent.

Sight rotation is evident in this cell.

Definitely rotation in the cell, minor at this stage.

Amazing colours and shapes.

Storm is re-organising.

Great view of the cell.

No tornado warning at this time.

Wall cloud in the process of forming.

This is NOT a tornado, but at night time it can seem like one.

It's now dark, very hard to see Tornadic activity.

Need to wait for lightning to light up the sky.

This storm is now tornado warned.

Wall cloud is present, but those funnel looking things are not Tornadoes, they are scuds.

Someone did report a tornado on this storm, but I did not see it.

Photographing lightning at the hotel.

Cell was very active.

These were 8 second exposures


I can end the day on that one.