USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 28 April, 2012

Back on the road.

Crossing the border into Oklahoma.

Entering Texas.

Waiting for storms to fire up.

I may have a storm.

Nope, the storm died and I waited with other chasers for a new target.

Got bored, so I watched the ants collect food.

Still no storms.

For those who do not realise..  This is REAL storm chasing at times.

You can get absolutely nothing.

Although, after dinner this storm cell fired up and did produce a little lightning.

Quite bright for night.

After travelling 647 miles in one day (over 1000km) I was greeted to a crappy hotel with bugs.
I killed 19 flies that were in my room. The 20th got away until morning. It was destroyed before I left.
Bad hotels and no hotels options, are all part of the experience of "storm chasing".