USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 20th June 2011

This is forecast to be a BIG day.

Of course I had no problem finding the storm....

But...  Once I got to it..  It's energy was zapped into oblivion.

It did look amazing, and I made a big mistake to not look at other storms nearby.

It turns out that a cell fired 20 miles north of this one.

This was producing a number of tornadoes, but they happened just before I was in the right place to intercept them.

Amazing hail shaft.

I see a funnel.

I went after it.

The storm is dying, whilst this is being produced.

A full look at the structure. Very messy and there is still a funnel in here.

Funnel still in there, but weak.

The last storm died, and this was the northern cell... Amazing.

Now... to catch up to it..

One problem though... No roads.

There were a heap of back roads... Dirt & Gravel.

I opted to take neither...  Cells are firing up all over the place.

I was overwhelmed at which target to pick and I kept changing my mind.

This looked amazing.

I was watching the spotter network reports... multiple tornado reports were being submitted on this very storm..
I was just not in the correct position to see them.


I've picked my target, finally.

But..  the moment I got to it.. the storm died down.

Shelf cloud...

It was a big day, but got overwhelmed with too many decisions.
A number of chasers got bogged on the dirt roads, including veteran chasers.

I guess, I made a call not to take the back roads, and in a way, I'm glad I made that choice...?
But I was not in a suitable position to see all the action.  Lesson learnt... (I think).....