USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 9th June 2011

Heading to the storms.

I actually spoke with this very nice Armish couple, and sheepishly asked them if they had a battery powered
"Noaa Weather Radio", they laughed, and said.. NO...
I carefully worded the possibility of severe storms and even an odd tornado forecast for their area.
They thanked me and drove on...  well rode on anyway...

Funnel ?  NO..

Heading back into Iowa... again..

I wonder how many state border crossings I have done on this trip.. It's got to be over 100.

Love the action/angled shot.

Watching this cell carefully.

Not looking good.

Funnel report submitted..  Weak.. but it's still a funnel.

All this action, and I still managed to backup 420gig of data.


Another cell heading towards me.

There was 2.25" hail in this one.

I think we have a strong updraft.

I wonder who this could be?

I think it's safe to say it's "Reed Timmer".

Car is happily parked.