USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 7th June 2011

I can't believe I made it into North Dakota, VIA Montana!

Entering some small storms to get to the big one.

Nice landscape.

I see a very flat rainbow..  weird.

Storm core... Kind of.

Mammatus cloud

Great colours.

Another "Double Rainbow"


Time to see the real storm of the day.

Mental note: This road (Escape Path) is subject to flooding.

Nice updraft..

Getting closer.


Scary looking shelf cloud.

Might be time to escape soon.

Oh that's right, the hail does not worry me anymore..

Ohhhhh...   I wonder what might happen.   (A Sheriff actually pulled up next to me, looking very worried)
I signalled that there was very little rotation, and to wait it out for the fun of it.

In the baby core.

Now I am just playing with the storm.

In the storm..... out the storm....  in the storm.... out the storm... and so on.

This was quite fun.

All outflow.. no tornadoes.

We actually got talking every time we stopped, he enjoyed the ride once he realized that
there was no real threat to his community.. Nice Sheriff, and he actually enjoyed "riding" the edge of the storm.

I decide to get ahead of it for more photos.


Getting ahead of it.

Me..  Need to diet (Just a little)  I blame Las Vegas entirely....

Waiting for the core to hit (again)

Great action shot.

PLEASE...  no trains.... no trains.......

Scary looking...

All this outflow, ended up taking in some inflow and soon became tornado warned..

Very little threat and excellent road network.

Great lighting.

Looking north.

My Car..


I was having an absolute ball with this storm.

Another shot of the "deployed" hail sheild.

I see a tree.

Can you spot the sun?

Hail core...  0.88"  (Tiny)

Storm is dying..

One last colourful shot.

Storm is almost dead.


Why am I taking a photo of my feet you ask?
Well, I have only ever been in the state of Minnesota once, and I drove through a 6 mile section of it.
This was the first time I ever stood in this state... So, hence a photo of the road (and feet).