USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 6th June 2011

\The view from the hotel room.. Wow!

Continuing from the day before, I re-enter Yellowstone National Park.

Here you can (Just) see a Grizzly bear and two cubs.

Lots of people looking on.

Hello. (It was 450 metres away)

Lazy Elk.

I think there are more bears on those hills.... (There was, but it was a LONG way away)

Old Faithful doing its thing.

Hundreds looking on.

It's dying now.

I have a storm in target.. Need to head north.

I would have liked to have seen Montana.  (Oh, here it is)
-----  A line from the "The Hunt For Red October" had to be inserted somewhere in here ----

A back road to get north.



A baby hail core.. Pea size..

I tested it.

Nothing too spectacular.

I see a rainbow.

Got a storm in my sights.

This looks a bit grey.

Heading east.

I see a hail core.

Quite a decent hail core.

Time for some measurements.

Biggest stone found was 1" after melting.

A tornado... NOT.  (Easy to be fooled eh?)

It looks like one, but isn't. This scared the living daylights out of the drivers behind me.. NO ONE WOULD PASS..
NO ONE!!!!

I proceed..


There is rotation in here..

Just no funnel quite yet.

Colours were amazing.

Never quite seen structure like it.

A wall cloud starting to form.

Almost there.


Real tornado threat possible..

I am participating in the local Skywarn Net with the NWS Emergency Manager.

A number of us are tracking this storm through Billings, Montana.

Even the local hospitals listen to our emergency transmissions, so they don't have to wait for the tornado sirens.

Lightning makes the tornado visible if there is one.

Scary stuff.

Time to head to the hotel..  But a few shots first.

A bit of a lightning show here.

So bright, it over exposed the photo - What a day... Bears and Tornadoes.!!!