USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 1st June 2011

What the hell is this.?

This is actually called a "Tornado Stopper"

I think I shall call it "The Lightning Attractor"

It belongs to a bunch of Swedish scientists doing a documentary on storms.

Funny bunch of people.

On the road and entering a 2" hail core... Life is good.

More dents.

Hail shield working great.

Hail still falling.

The next target storm.

This is tornado warned.

More rotation....but I don't really have a good south road option.

Did I say road...?

Hmmm.. This is no road.

Enjoy the storm pictures, because I am STUCK!

You would think a 4WD would get out of this, wouldn't you?


More storm photos...  I'm in a great safe position to watch a tornado, but I am going nowhere...

However, the local Sheriff was passing by..

I tell you.. That was $26.00 well spent on the tow rope.

YEP... Best $26.00 invested for the entire trip.

Thank you!!!

Ummm.. These will need some cleaning up.

My escape.


Tornado still trying to form.

Another look for memory sake...  The road DID look ok... I was wrong.

Clean up time.

Back to the storm at hand.

Photographing the photograph.

Looks nice, but not much to it.

At least the time lapse will look good.

It's a shelf cloud.

With a little rotation on the southern side.

New wall cloud TRYING to form...

Not a tornado.

Re-fuel whilst I watch the storm.

The storm re-developed and began to take on inflow winds.

The emergency manager and I watched this together. His wife was watching my live stream... (Small world)

Almost there.


Never did form a funnel.

Wall cloud, but no tornado.

Time for some night spotting. This is still tornado warned.

Lightning time.

What is this you ask?  It's a baby deer that is shivering and in shock after being stuck in a 2.5" hail core.
I approached it slowly, and calmed it down... Quite cute really. It was not scared of me.

I was able to wave down a local who had a friend as a vet.

The deer was taken to the Vet to be assessed for broken bones.. Big hail did hit the poor little creature after all...

And just when you thought the day was over..

Another puncture.. This time a sharp rock did this.

Lucky I purchased the mega tyre fixer..  This one needed the large plug.

Oh.. and to add to the excitement, this small town lost power whilst I was fixing it.

Just need to pump it back up again...

All done....  What a day.!