USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 20th May 2011

Bart Comstock's Car..  It hit a Deer Recently... Poor Deer...

Hail Stone Team talking about today's forecast.

Vehicle C4.

Our team.

With people..

No storms..  We are playing a game of Curling, with ragged rocks.

Bart is cheating..

No storms today, so Mike and I go for a little off road driving.

Nice colours.

Mike!.... I cant drive over there... It's too steep.

Hmmm.... Should I try.....?

Let's see what's down here.

A very slow climb to the top.

Nice view.

A little hot today.

A Tarantula nest.

Don't get too close.

We hear a rattlesnake..

We see a rattle snake pop its little head out the hole.

No storms, but nice photos.. Big day expected tomorrow.