USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 6th May 2011

With this much down time (no storms), I can continue to add to my cars modifications.

Hmmmm.. What do we have here?

I see some holes in the car deco.

I see screws (nylon ones)....

Oh... A bracket.. I wonder what goes here..

This was HELL.... It took over an hour to do this.

All my tools are in Sydney, and I don't want to acquire new ones that will only be used once.

I used a screwdriver/drill for $12.99 (Great Value), and a Hex/Drill bit set for $6.99 (A Bargain!)

It was a little messy though.

After around 3 hours, these are done...

More cables... what else is in the box?

Nice wiring...

Very clean work...

So... What am I mounting?

Can't tell you yet..

Attaching the Anderson Power Pole connectors.. (Great little devices these)

AHA...  It's an emergency light..

With an angled mounting bracket.

Very nice...

That's two mounted... All I need is power..

These lights are made by Tomar Electronics in the USA.. 12 Leds Each, VERY BRIGHT...
The lights draw on average 1.6 Amps @ 12V Each... (That's a lot for LEDs)


OMG... what a mess.

Ahhhhh.. That's better.

Very clean soldering work here.

12.68 Volts.. Very good..

Testing the light.. (I touched the terminals together accidentally and blew the fuse)

The 7 Way Power Splitter, Rated @ 45 Amps

Looking Nice.. 

Let's test the switch shall we?

OHHH.. Beautiful.. (Damn I'm a nerd).... Although you have to admit... This is very clean work.


These are really going to protect people rear-ending my car on the highways in low visibility..