USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 2nd May 2011

People ask, what can you legally do in the USA when there are no storms?.... Well this is one thing.
Hand over your Australian Drivers licence, say "I want that one" sign a couple of forms and they ask how many bullets do you want.

I've tried the Glock 9mm.. (Hate it), S&W 9mm, AK47, 45 Magnum, 457 Magnum, but never tried a Beretta 9mm.

Takes 15 in the clip, and one in the barrel.

Has a nice weight and is quite accurate.

Tried at around 25 feet (probably 30, but who's counting).

Nice work Daniel... If only my forecasting could be this accurate.


That killed a day...  (Did I say Kill...?  I mean waste).  I love America!