USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 25th April, 2011

I may not look happy, but I am..

A supercell in its mature stage.. Now tornado warned.

Jimmy Deguara looking toward the storms..  Very happy with the vehicle setup.

Inspecting the hail damage.

There's a slightly bigger one.

I told the car dealership in Las Vegas this would happen.. I am not sure they really believed me.

Lots of dimples.

I think they give the car character.

Here's one on the side.

Another one up top.

Anyway... on my way through Dallas to the next storm.

A few cracks in the windscreen.

Ok.. a few more than a few.

Need to get the hail guard installed.

Under the anvil.

Ahhhhh.... amazing.

Oh... look at the little hail stone..

Lots of little 1" hail falling.. Put my helmet on for protection..  (I looked ridiculous)

Wall cloud in the process of forming.

Lots of rotation present in these storms.

Hail / Rain shaft ahead.


Debris.. We have Debris.. (A twister line had to be inserted somewhere)

Dark skies.

More debris.

So glad I have a 4WD.

More rotation.

Sheriff ahead.  (But look at the cloud in the distance)

It was a funnel..

We are directly behind the Mesocyclone.

Funnel trying to form.

No longer trying..


Magnificent white one.

It didn't last very long.

Roping out.

More rotation.. very close.

Looking back watching the next cell moving towards us.

Looking directly up.

So much rotation in these storms.

NOT a tornado.

Still NOT a tornado.

Wall cloud with lots of rotation present.

Escaping the rotating wall cloud.

Looking back...  It's heading to the east.


I see the TIV..

Jimmy and I admiring the skies.

A gustnado forming.. dust being swirled around.. (A feature caused by the interaction of inflow and outflow winds)

Amazing colours.

Shelf cloud.

Outflow from a storm.

Love this angle.

Anvil in the distance.

More cloud disturbance.

So much disturbance.


Looking up.

Now this is amazing.

No parking meters here.. but your vehicle may still get re-located a few yards.

We were monitoring this cloud for rotation.

Another free parking space.

It's an interesting cloud feature.

Monitoring the feature carefully for rapid rotation.

Driving into the storm core.

Driving outside the storm core..

It's getting dark.