USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 18th April, 2011

Ok. I am now officially connecting the equipment. It may be a minor chase day.

What a mess.

That's a little better. (NOT)

Hmmm... needs some serious work..  I will address this another day.

In the hot seat..  (It's actually cold at the moment, but it will get hot)

Watching radar...  Nothing but clouds... I did NOT need a computer to tell me
that there are clouds in the sky... Der!

See.. The computer is right.

Oh. No.... more jet lag..

Someone was going a little too quick...  He did pass me at about 90mph..  It was a matter of time.

Not much happened all day, so here is a nice photo of Kansas City, Missouri

Where to go. (Oh..  and Welcome to Missouri)...  That's state 7 for this trip.
It's going to be a big day tomorrow.