USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 14 April, 2011

Like any industry, you need to have the right tools.

Looked carefully at a number of vehicles, and I was after something preferably severely hail damaged.

It turns out that I arrived too early in the year.
Here we see Bill (Sales) put the temporary number plate on.

Nevada was picked for the location of the car purchase, at it was logistically the easiest place to get registered.

Enough space (just).. A larger 4WD would have been more suitable, but this had better highway gas mileage.

It's a Toyota Rav4 4WD Automatic.  It even has space to put some more "stored" fuel under these compartments.

This is my backup radar feed.  I'm reliant on the internet for data feeds, this receives radar data from satellites.

Amateur radio has been fitted..  Still needs a constant power supply.

I think this is going to get messy very quickly.

Heaps of places to store things.. (Even though I have to take them out of the car every night)...

Antenna Array..  (It will get bigger).
Amateur Radio #1, Mobile Broadband #1, Mobile Broadband #2, Amateur Radio #2

Yes, I have even packed my RFS media (Kevlar) fire helmet..  Ever hear what a 5" hail stone does to someone's skull?

Ahhh.. The Kestral 4000...  Very accurate little device this one.

Packed... I think.  Ok... all set to go..