USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 11 June, 2010

Looks like the Vortex2 crew are in town.

Some of the DOW's (Doppler on Wheels)

Cumulus forming.

OK... We have a storm.

I repeat, we have a storm.

It's SLOWLY headed this way.

Another updraft forming.

DOWS and Control vehicle scanning the atmosphere.

Wall cloud forming with scuds.

Wall cloud being suffocated by rain. (This is bad)


Ok... It's back building.

Hail. (Don't worry, it's going north)

Rotation ahead.

Storm is NOW tornado warned. Little funnels trying to form.

VERY active atmosphere, Under a Meso at the moment.

Meso ahead.

Getting closer.

Rotation is amazing, but no funnel.


DOW scanning.

Wall cloud re-forming.

Just a pretty cloud.

Pretty cloud getting bigger.

Pretty cloud getting smaller.

Pretty cloud very close.

Ok.. enough of that pretty cloud.. It's harmless.

The core.

Storm is now outflow dominate....

Having a look at the dark skies.

HOWEVER..  The cell has re-organised.

And a meso / funnel is forming.

Storm is tornado warned again.

Storm is dying, but looking nice.


Last few lightning shots.

Looks amazing.

Panorama time.

Now that's a shot for the wall. (I need a car somewhere in the middle).

MESO dead ahead!

Storm passing by.

Scary clouds.