USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 10 June, 2010

Nice blue sky.

I see smoke.

I see the storms ahead.

Hey' There's George.

Small house fire in Kimball, NE

Once a news man, always a news man.

Back to storm chasing now.

Found a small supercell.

Going around the back of the core.

Catching up behind.

I see a rainbow.

Lowering scuds.

Very nice.

I see scuds with a lowered base.

Hail. 1 Inch.

Lots of hail.

Repositioning to a southern cell.


That's a sunset.

It gets better.

My Car.


Another strike.

Very active.

Extremely active.

A very POV photo here. (Point of View).... Hail falling.

Time for some panoramas.

Love these shots.

180 Degree View.

Now that's nice.

I said the sunset was amazing.

See.... A great day.