USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 7 June, 2010

This looks like it's going to be an amazing day.

Shelf cloud forming.


It may be time to take a right turn.

Rotation is present, wall cloud trying to form.

Following the storm along the highway.

Wall cloud trying to form again.

Not quite enough energy.

Tornado? .... No,  It's a scud, which actually had a little shear to it. It didn't create a debris field on the ground.
So, no...... no tornado this time.

Nice hail core in there.

Wall cloud forming on the new cell behind me.

Oh..  and it's headed this way.

You can see the RFD (rear flank draft) kicking up the dirt.

Wall cloud with a lowering. Still not a tornado...

Now this is a hail core.. It's blue.

Very blue.

2.5" Hail blue...

Cmon.... Go already....

Had to escape the storm in the city of Scottsbluff, NE.

Now further south east.

But it's still trying to get me.

Time to outrun it.

Ummm...  this was impossible to outrun..
Very high winds, the stop sign coming up was shaking so hard it actually blew away.
(Got this on video, very cool)

Looking back.

It's dark in there.

Funnel?... No, not this time.

Oh no..  ummm...  It's headed this way and I have to wait 5 minutes for the train to go past.

Looking behind me.

go go go!!!!

After dinner, I chased the squall line.

Very active lightning.



Time for some panoramas

Managed to get a few nice ones today.