USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 3 June, 2010

Another viable chase day.

It's building.

Nice windmill.

I really should change to my wide angle lens.

Small rain shaft.

Bigger rain shaft.

Much bigger shaft.

A little hail in here..

I see a rainbow.


This is massive..  And tornado warned.

Flanking Line.



Driving under the Flanking Line.

I see a smallish wall cloud.

This side of the storm is amazing.

Not the best road network to view it from the other side.

And did I not mention 3 inch hail.

My antennas.


More hail.

It is back building.

Even the cows came over to watch.....  seriously..

Heading south.

I see hay.

Getting behind the storm.


Storm is slowly dying.

Hail shaft.. (little one)

Nice antenna angled shot.. Very stormchaserish.


Looks amazing.


180 Degree Panorama.

I see a rainbow.

This came out well..