USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 26 May, 2010

A new day.

An old helicopter..

A new state.

Another cloud.

Another anvil.

Another updraft base.

Another dying storm.

Headed south to a new storm.

Another relocation.

By the way, I am not bored of chasing, I'm just running out of creative comments.

Hail shaft.



This is a very slow moving storm.

Striated supercell

It may be time to relocate and find some hail.

What do you think.

Oh..  There it is.

A little wall cloud trying to form..  Cute.

Heading this way.

Relocating now.



Lots of hail.

Drove slowly in this stuff.

Very slippery.

Not much bigger than quarter size.

Except when you drive down the road 1/2 a mile.

They get bigger.  Over 2 inches. Golf ball sized.

Updraft base.

Love the silhouettes.

A little funnel?.... No..  Just a scud.

|See.  just a harmless scud.

Sun is setting.

Power lines.. Hoping for a lightning strike to hit the tower.

The supercell is slowly getting away.

A nice days chase.