USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 26 April, 2010

Back on the road after a distressing and busy day yesterday.

Arkansas, State 8 for this trip.

Back in Texas, Speed limit increased from 55mph to 70mph.

Very low severe storm risk today.

I see a cloud.

Sun setting, it was a long drive to get here.

Ok.. back to the cloud.

A smooth cloud..

$5.00 to the first person who spots the rainbow.

Approaching a bow echo type storm.

Someone on the Stormtrack forum actually forecast a "Pretty Storm"

They may have been correct.

Quite correct.

Nice.. lets play with the raw version.. See below.

Very nice.

The storm went tornadic briefly, but only produced a small funnel.

A cluster of storms.

I see lightning.

Ahhh... The Raw version - Processed.