USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 21 April, 2010

Here we go.... What else can I fit in the car this year..... I know...


Cool eh..  Full camera control.

Delorme Street Atlas all fired up.  I have 2 GPS's and a Map just in case.

Of course, you all know me for being... well.... me.....
So.. I have added some more equipment to the car...

What is it you ask?

A 3 Watt Cellular data signal amplifier.... Perhaps I need a sign on the back of my car..  Get back 400 feet..
RADIATION HAZARD...  (It's not that bad, but it makes a big difference to cell phone range).

I see clouds.

Live Web stream in progress.

I see a tower.

Super Cell ahead.

Nice positioning.

Getting closer..

Welcome back to Texas everyone.

Rain / Hail shaft.

The beginnings of a wall cloud.

Keeping my distance, but still going after the storm.

This was quite active.

A lowering, with the radar showing signs of rotation.

2.5" Radar indicated hail was present on this storm, but it probably produced only 1.5"

A number of chasers and spotters watching this carefully, very brief funnels formed.
The storm is now tornado warned.

Hmmm.....  Not quite.

Channel 10. (Texas.... Not Sydney)...

Nice updraft.

Wish it had better lighting, but still nice structure.

The storm was moving at 8mph.. You could slowly outrun it on foot.


Looking back.. Great position to watch.

Remember what Texas mud was like..?  Ewwwww...

Channel 4 News..  Cool and funny crew.

Sun setting.. Not a bad 1st days chase.