USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 2nd June 2009

Another day, another state.

Another storm.

A Doppler Radar.. Up close and personal.

Oh.. make that another state.

My AT&T Broadband antenna..  AKA Lifeline!

Storms are firing up.

I see the start of the Wall Cloud.


Yep... Wall cloud formed.

Lets hope for a funnel.

In the middle of nowhere here..  Perfect place for a Tornado... No Structures.

Nice parking Dan.

Beautiful lighting.

A little hail.

Funnel? ...   No.. Just a Scud.

Looked like a Tornado for a moment there.

Another Scud forming.

Rotation above..

Exiting the storm for another vantage point.

More chasers.

Do I follow?....  I do not..


Wide angle in use.

Very nice.


Incredible lightning.. It's like the end of the world.

Now it's the end of the world.

Oh..  Now it's judgement day.

I see a wheat field.

Hungry anyone?

Nice angle.

Very nice lighting.

I see my car, and my shadow.

Sunrays punch through the clouds.

A massive wall cloud.. Confirmed tornado on this storm.

Rain wrapped tornado.. Could not sight it.. A 90 second confirmed touchdown.

Anvil crawler.

Lightning bolt in Hill City.

Bang! Not that far away. About 1/2 a mile.