USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 12 May, 2009

A makeshift anemometer.

Welcome to St Louis, Missouri.

The Gateway Arch.

The Mississippi River?

Nice lighting.

I'm sure there are precise times of the day to photograph this perfectly.

Hmm..  Very small elevator/tram.

Everyone lining up waiting for their 4 minute ride.

Enter here.

Inside, looking up.

Emergency staircase, hope we don't need to use this.

Charles getting out...  Very cramped in here.

630 feet in the sky.

Nice view.

Charles trying to spot our fellow storm chasers.

Can you see them?

Not much room up here.

Looking up.

Trees cut into the frame.

Getting darker.

It's a little overcast for good photos, but this is not too bad.

Walking the flooded Mississippi River.

Mike wants to see if he can swim to the statue.

Not such a good idea.

Definitely not a good idea. Mini Whirlpools and very strong current. I helped talk him out of it.

Some of the streets in the old part of town.