USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 26 April, 2009

Waking up in Dillon, Colorado..  (Snowing) -8 Deg C.

Very cold.

Frozen lake..   Time to head to Kansas. (and drop down 8000 or so feet)

Where is the sign "If the credit card slot is frozen, see attendant"

Heading down the mountain.

Entering the tunnel, on my way to Denver.

Up at around 11,000ft

Snow all gone.

Passing Denver, driving towards Kansas.

Welcome to the high plains.

This is where Tornado Alley begins.

Long drive..

Drove around 480 miles today..

Leaving Colorado.

In Kansas.

Very low altitude Mammatus Clouds.

Wind power.

It's a little foggy at the moment.

Very low cloud base.

Nice sunset.