USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 29 May, 2008

Expecting another major day.

A large fuel / travel plaza complex absolutely packed with chasers.

The twister pinball machine.

Storms are firing up.


Wall cloud.

Passing the TIV.

Passing the DOW.

Shelf cloud.

Wall cloud.

Analysing the skies.

Great shot.

Shelf cloud looked amazing.

The TIV driving by.

Good timing.

Storm is building very quickly.

Storm quickly approaching town.

Funnel forming in the distance...

Rotation present.

Funnel growing in strength.

Near the hook, but a little too far south to see anything.

This is a dangerous storm.

Another storm to the south west of the one we are chasing.

This 2nd storm also has rotation present.

There is now a confirmed Wedge Tornado moving through the area.
Cars were flipped in to buildings, roofs ripped off, but storm spotter reports relayed time critical warnings for people to seek shelter.

Nothing we can now do but watch..
It's hard to see, but there is a half mile Wedge Tornado on the ground.

The town is being ripped apart.. Power flashes could be seen every few moments.

A very sobering sight.

There's the Tornado.. You can see the right hand side of the Tornado. (Just above the brackets)

I felt quite distressed and sick watching this.

Major reports coming though the spotter network.

The back end of the storm.

Everyone in the Vans has gone quiet.

Heading into the storm.

Very bad visibility..  We could not see more than 30 metres in front of us at some times.

Tornado is still rain wrapped.

Very dangerous to be on the roads right now.

Hail fast approaching.

Very big hail core.

The two

Does not look very comfortable.

Passing the TIV

Still would like to have one.

Nicely designed.

Support car with the two TIV's

Best shot of it in motion.

Doppler Radar.\

The DOW & TIV Crews..

If I were a farmer and saw these people parked outside.. I would get a little worried.

A newly formed storm cell we are heading towards.


Wall cloud forming.

Wall cloud formed.

Now that's a rotating meso.

Confirmed Tornado on the Ground.


Getting closer.

Multiple rotations present.

Very violent storm.

Another funnel.

Another tornado on the ground.

Starting to cross the road.

Winds are incredible..

Tornado has roped out.

We are following it.

Stovepipe Tornado.

Wedge Tornado.

Multi-Vortex Tornado.

First time I have seen a multi-vortex tornado.

Amazing to watch.

Back to a wedge again.

This storm is incredibly violent.

Debris being thrown around.

Debris still on the ground, but funnel lifted.

It's now heading for a small town. The funnel touched down once again and ripped apart homes.

Road closed.. power poles down.

Very destructive.

Thankfully, from our reports, our team were the first chasers to spot the Tornado and reported it.
People in the town had 8 minutes to seek shelter after our initial report.
Hopefully our efforts saved some lives.. No injures or fatalities were recorded on this storm.

Power pole down.

Some side attractions on the way to dinner... George sitting on the worlds largest ball of twine..


Some open exposure shots..


Need a good bolt though.


That's a little better.

Better still.



Oh no...  A deer jumped in front of the van..

George slammed on the brakes.

The Deer did not survive.
May the Deer rest in peace.. (Poor little Deer)