USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 23 May, 2008


Fixing the vans.

Fixing the hinge that got hyperexteded after the 100+ Km/h winds.

Mallet at work.

A bit of body damage from the door slamming back.

Looking for the items that got sucked out of the vans yesterday.


We found the map, 1 x Tape, 1 x Pair of Glasses and The GPS.

Today's Probabilities...

The Supercell is well established.

The TIV, (With Sean poking his head out)

Off they go..

A piece of farm equipment dominates the shot.

Highway patrol on the lookout for funnels..

Traffic Chaos... People taking cover from the large hail.

I have just spotted a Wedge Tornado.

There it is!

My God!

Scary black thing.

I have never seen anything like it.

There is nothing "pretty" about this type of tornado.

It's nothing short of a long track killing machine.

It's heading NNE across interstate 40.

Constantly changing strength and shape.

Appears to be weakening.

All Emergency services on standby.

Still moving at quite a speed.

Heading for the interstate.


It's now above the interstate but no doing any damage to passing motorists.

Tornado reforms on the other side of the road.

A thinner funnel this time.

Still very scary.

Not fully formed.

In a different position watching for lightning.

Large CG (Cloud to Ground) bolt.

The storm caught up to us and the lightning risk was way too high to stay in our position.

A bolt in the distance.

Rain was preventing us from getting a clear shot.

A night time tornado hits a Semi Trailer that passed us moments earlier.

Rescue services all on scene.

What's left of a B-Double Semi.

A total of 4 Semi's and 1 truck were overturned.

A scary night, and a very close call indeed.

We got a little too close for comfort..

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