USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 22 May, 2008


The start of the supercell.

Supercell growing in strength, but the road network is terrible, very dangerous dirt roads.

Quick pit stop to refuel. Notice the flag almost flat?

Radar data, a swarm of deadly supercells heading our way.

Rotation in the clouds, this tornado touched down briefly.

Observing most of the storm structure.

Funnel is forming closer to ground.

Retracting back into the storm base.

Storm chasers lined up ready to re-position.

We are in the middle of a cornfield and we have traffic!

More rotation.....  almost there.

Positing carefully to observe any forming tornadoes.

This road looks like it can easily be flooded.. We decide not to go down it.

Wrong turn.

Oh no.


We can't get out.

Our skid marks...  everyone gets out and pushes.

Stuart and Richard helping push...  (Stuart getting a little dirty in the process)

Right behind the rotation.

Someone is a little muddy.

Watching for tornadoes..

They are going to develop fairly quickly today.

Erik (from Denmark) waiting for the perfect shot.

Nearly there.

Tornado in the distance.

Tornado with a high storm base.

Amazing to watch, in an open field not hurting anyone or anything.

Viewing the storm structure.

Slender, but still deadly if you get hit by it.

It was on the ground for some time.

Everyone taking shots, great position to safely watch.

Composing the perfect shot. (don't think this is quite right)

That's better.

Tornado roping out.

Almost gone.


Spotter Network with many live Reports.

All storms have been warned as tornado producing (Red Boxes).

Another Tornado, just south of Interstate 70.

Watch out for the Fuel Tanker.

Very dangerous situation.

Funnel has dissapeared.

The storm is re-organising.

Funnel has re-appeared.

A collar cloud forming at the base of the meso

Watching for a tornado very carfeully. 

Inflow winds becoming very strong.

Everyone watching and filming.

You could feel the power of this storm from the speed of the inflow winds.

Richard with a look of shock on his face.

Tornado has re-formed and we were around 300m away.
The GPS, maps, and other items were sucked off the dashboard into the storm.

Video Online
Filmed & Edited by George Kourounis -
Linked Directly to YouTube Clip -

Tornado from the same storm seen in the distance.

Chasers Everywhere (Little Cars On Screen)

Another Tornado touching down.

The skies are very dark.

Following the storm system.

This looks like a funnel.

NOT a tornado.. It's a scud, although anyone looking at it could be easily mistake it to be one.

This is what is referred to as a Tornado Outbreak.

\The TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle)

I think I need one of these.

The DOW (Doppler on Wheels)

TIV (From the rear)