USA Storm Chasing Expedition - 19 May, 2008

Welcome to Cadillac Ranch

Layers of spray paint holding the car together...

"Legal" spray painting..

George always likes to climb things...

Cars buried in the sand.

These cars had to be moved a number of years ago as the city was expanding.

Looking at the cars from the roadside...

Hmmmm....  A matter of time until this is painted..

This water tower was hit by debris during a tornado in 2007.


Site of the major tornado that hit last year.


Absolute devastation.

The hospital is still set up as a makeshift army tent.

Newly built homes.


Trees ripped apart. slowly growing back.

Greensburg's famous hand dug well.

The well, in its protecting housing.

Looking into the well.

The well gift shop... not much left.

A newly built park merges with the landscape around it.

A lone child rides his bike down the empty streets.

The wall of a house once standing is now used as the boundary of the park.

New street signs, but empty streets.

Looking through the arch of a playround.

The basement of a house.

A pavement leads to nowhere.

A lone, but newly built tornado warning siren stands tall and proud.

The grass grows over the pavement.

A basketball hoop ripped to shreds. No children in sight.

The outskirts of Greensburg's farming community. I do hope they re-build.